My mother was raised on a farm and in college learned to be conscious of health and nutrition.  She tried hard to teach my sisters and me how to eat healthy.  Although I was rebellious in my youth, I learned the importance of a good diet and eating organic food as I got older.

At age 48, I started having symptoms of bloating and abdominal discomfort, feeling cold, brain fog, lower energy, and a couple of my fingers would get stuck in bent position. Next I got two kidney infections within a three- month period. After the first infection I went to my conventional medicine doctor and he prescribed antibiotics.  I knew that my problem was not a lack of antibiotics. By the second infection I used an increase in drinking water to overcome the infection. Additionally, my hip would hurt having sharp pains sometimes after sitting long periods when traveling. After this experience, I started doing research into how to get healthy. My husband and I started on the “Wahls Protocol” designed by Dr Terry Wahls. She helped herself to heal from Progressive MS through her diet and lifestyle. On this diet I started feeling better, stopped feeling cold, and had more energy. My brain fog improved, and I did not get anymore kidney infections. We had cut out packaged foods and began eating more organic whole food and veggies.

Some of my problems persisted. I tried going to different Functional Medicine doctors for help. Functional Medicine looks for the cause rather than addressing the symptoms alone. I had many tests done. The tests said that I had leaky gut, well controlled hashimoto’s disease, my different white blood cell counts were either high or low indicating an infection. I also had a persistent rash. The parasite test said that I did not have parasites (though I will discuss this more later). I took a lot of supplements without seeing much change.

At about age 60, I was up in a tree a few feet, picking apples, when the branch I was using to support myself broke. I fell, popping my knee out of place and hurting my hip. I hurt my hip again a couple more times in the next few months. The pain got worse and made it hard to walk. The allopathic doctor looked at my x-rays and said that I had osteoarthritis. He said, “when the pain gets bad, come back”. In other words, ‘I have no way to help you except pain killers’.

I did not give up and continued to look for answers. Fortunately, a couple of years later, I found two doctors named Todd Watts and Jay Davidson. These doctors started a company called Microbe Formulas. They have created thoroughly tested products that remove toxins from the gut, blood, and cells.  Many of these products are based on Fulvic Acid Extracts. They also created products that help the detox organs (intestines, kidneys, liver, lymph) so that they work better. Most importantly they included parasite protocols. They have teaching tools on their website about how to detox safely. These doctors have studied human biology and worked with lots of patients so have been able to answer a lot of my, why, questions. I am now making progress on reducing my symptoms.

My hip has improved, my pain level has greatly reduced, and my rash is gone. My brain clarity has also improved.

In our world today we are exposed to toxins in our air, water and food without our being aware of this happening.

I had tried detox programs in the past. There are many detox programs like drinking lemon water or packaged herbal programs. Most of these programs are short term. To be most effective the layers of toxins need to be addressed and this takes time. There are toxins in the intestinal tract, blood stream, and in our cells. Microbe Formulas has products that can get into our blood stream and cells as well as the intestinal tract. Fulvic acid extracts from Microbe Formulas are excellent for these purposes. Their programs are effective for deeper systemic issues.

Some programs feel helpful but also cause detox reactions. Many people think that if they feel bad when they are detoxing that this is a good thing. Actually, the binders that grab the toxins may not be strong enough chelators. Detoxing can also be done too fast for that person. Some binders can let go of the toxins in the intestinal tract causing the toxins to get reabsorbed. This reabsorbing is retoxing the body and can be harmful. When strong binders are used along with an understanding of how the body detoxes, feeling bad can be largely avoided. The Microbe Formulas learning center is a very helpful support system for healthy detoxing.

The detox organs need to work well for toxins to complete their exit from the body. This includes the colon, kidneys, liver, and lymph system. Often these organs need support so the body can effectively eliminate toxins. Microbe Formulas has effective products for this.

Addressing parasites was not part of detox programs that I have tried in the past. It was always something that I did separately. There was never any visual evidence of effectiveness of these protocols. Lately I learned that parasites harbor heavy metals, Lyme, other toxins, and viruses making these toxins hard to eliminate without reducing the number of parasites. After starting the Microbe Formulas parasite part, of their Starter Program, I regularly see evidence of dead parasites exiting my body. This program has made a big difference for me!

Many people’s health challenges can be improved by doing an effective detox. Our body is amazing, working hard for us every day doing the best that it can. Often, we do not understand that it is toxins interfering with our bodies ability to maintain and heal itself that causes negative symptoms. My wish is that more people learn that each of us has the power to help ourselves to improve our health. Microbe Formulas can help with this process. I am happy to help you with this.

Nancy Main

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