About Nancy


I was raised with an awareness of health. My mother studied diet at UC Berkeley in the 1940’s. She fed us whole wheat bread and fresh vegetables in the age of wonder bread and twinkies.

A number of years ago my husband had a health crisis. He developed an aggressive tumor on his neck. He went through radiation treatment. This greatly reduced the tumor. A year later the tumor started coming back. He went through a year of mild chemotherapy. I could see that this had negative effects on his overall health. When the Doctor said that he strongly recommended continuing the chemotherapy for ten years, I got upset. I wanted him to try alternative therapies and diet changes. He agreed. This jumpstarted my renewed interest and investigations into holistic health.

My mother had continued to learn about health and had a very healthy diet compared to the average person in the US. In spite of this she developed heart disease at 80 years old. She was told that she had very little time left. She found a alternative Dr. He helped her to live independently until age 92.

She enjoyed helping people with diet.

Now I know there were things that contributed to my mother’s heart disease, that we were not aware of back then. These same things likely contributed to my husband getting a tumor.

  • Elevated blood sugar levels (between 100 and 125 prediabetic). The organs that regulate our blood sugar levels can get worn out. This can happen even when we do not eat candy and desserts with sugar. Elevated blood sugar can contribute to health problems.
  • Food Allergies. Both my mother and my husband have allergies to wheat and possibly other grains. When we are allergic to something it causes inflammation. Inflammation creates disease like conditions.
  • Hormone imbalance. Hormones are part of our immune system.

My husband remains tumor free for years now.

I learned that I have the same issues that contributed to my mother’s heart disease and am now addressing these for myself.

I study at The Institute of Transformational Nutritional Nutrition.

I am a Holistic Nutrition Coach.

I really enjoy helping people to feel better. I am making a difference in this world by helping one person at a time.

Nancy Main

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