Nutritional Coaching

I help people to detox, have more energy, feel clear and sharp in their thinking, and loose or gain weight (depending on the need).


I give compassionate support to help you find the healthy you. Supporting you as a whole person, body, mind and spirit. Together we develop a life plan that includes delicious meals. This individualized life plan is sustainable, not a fad diet, and fits into your busy lifestyle.


I keep current on the information that the latest studies demonstrate about keeping healthy. I use this information to help you.


There is an order in which health issues are most effectively addressed. The body detox systems need to be working well before a person goes on a detox for example. There are important nutrients needed for the body to effectively detox. It is important to include these so that the body can complete the 3 phases of detoxing. If a detox is started before the body is ready or without the needed nutrients, this can cause damage to the body. At Nancy Main Health I address first things first and make sure that you have the proper support.


Please contact me with any questions or to set up an appointment.


Nancy Main Health,

Holistic Nutrition Coach


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