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Improve Health/ Maintain Health, in our world today we need effective ways to get toxins out of our bodies. Toxins contribute to disease. These Doctor’s have created some very effective and gentle ways to remove toxins and infections. Learn more at their website.

Dr Todd Watts

Dr Jay Davidson

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 8.07.06 PM

The Science, look up the science on herbs and other natural treatments. These studies from PubMed are cataloged and searchable at this site;

General Information about Natural Health, this is an important site to visit if you want to keep up with the latest scientific breakthroughs related to getting or keeping healthy.

Dr Mercola

Mental Health;

Dr Kelly Brogan, MD – Book;  A Mind of Your Own

Improving Hormones;

About Gluten; -Dr Tom O’Bryan, The Gluten Summit,

Brain Health; – Dr Datis Kharrazian -Dr Amen

Autoimmune Disease; –    Book; The Autoimmune Fix

Overcoming Serious Disease;

Staying Fit and more;

General info;, David Asprey

Catherine Shanahan, MD –  Book; Deep Nutrition


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