My other Blog;

Improving the Gut;

Mental Health;

Dr Kelly Brogan, MD – Book;  A Mind of Your Own

Improving the Adrenals;

Improving Hormones;

About Gluten; -Dr Tom O’Bryan, The Gluten Summit,

Brain Health; – Dr Datis Kharrazian -Dr Amen

Autoimmune Disease; –    Book; The Autoimmune Fix

Overcoming Serious Disease;

Staying Fit and more;

General info;, David Asprey

Catherine Shanahan, MD –  Book; Deep Nutrition –Sean Croxton

Both Sean Croxton and Dr Tom O’Brian have Summits that you can buy. I highly recommend them both. These are interviews with professionals who have knowledge you likely have not heard before. They are helping lots of people to get healthier.


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